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Manifesto for life

Worried about the state of the world? Here's how to be the change.

The story of energy

All you need to understand energy issues - and how to reduce your consumption.

What can I do?

The most important steps you can take to properly reduce your carbon footprint.

Buy less crap

A subtle poster to put up to remind people to consume less!

How to consume less

10 ways to consume less, so you can live more.

How to live ethically

The definitive guide to how to live in line with your values.

How to make the world better

10 ways you can make the world better - right now.

Living your values

How can we live ethically? Here are some answers no-one seems to have provided...

Ecological intelligence

Daniel Goleman discusses the important virtue of Ecological Intelligence.

How to give well

10 ways you can support good causes most effectively.

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