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The amazing

How to find wonder and amazement in everyday life.

The inner life (full guide)

Everyone can gain something from exploring their inner lives - here's how.

How to live well

These simple ideas will help you to live well.

'Just think...' course

A Life Squared course to help you reflect and live the life you really want.

Perspective - a thinking skill

How getting some perspective on your life can make all the difference.

How to get perspective

10 things that will help you gain a sense of perspective on your life.

Freedom unwrapped

How the idea of 'freedom' can be manipulated by people.

Quotes for life

Some invaluable insights and ideas from famous (and less known) thinkers.

Your life canon

The essential books you recommended for flourishing in the modern world.

The philosophy canon

The 10 essential books you need to gain an overview on philosophy.


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