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The Planet

In the complexity of the modern world, it can be very useful to have some basic perspective on the planet we live on – from the number of people in the world to the number of different species on the planet.


Below are a number of useful links with important and useful information on a range of topics relating to our planet.

How the earth works

This link explores the natural phenomena that formed the earth as we know it today such as volcanoes and earthquakes.

Earth and the solar system

The link above, along with this link, explain the earths' place within the solar sytem as well as explaining the forces that helped to create our planet. This page from NASA futher demonstrates earths' link with our solar sytem through a series of extrodinary photographs.

Human population

Human population numbers from the past and forecasts for the future.

Number of species

Summary of the number of different known species in the world.  These are just the ones we have categorised - there could be up to 50 million or more types of animal living today.

When will we run out of oil?

Some different predictions of when our world oil supplies will dwindle.

World carbon emissions

World carbon emissions, by country

Endangered species

A table showing the numbers of endangered species in each country in the world.








Some facts about the world’s forests and the important role they play in sustaining life on earth.

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