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The life shift

We're in the process of writing a new Life Squared publication - possibly the first in a short series.

It's clear to us that if we want people to change their lifestyles to live within the parameters of one planet, we need to have a fundamental shift in the way we think about basic things - from food to the things we spend our time and money on.

It's also clear that lots of these issues are interlinked, and that we don't need to change our lifestyles 'just' for the sake of the environment, but also for ourselves - for our physical health, our mental health and our sense of fulfilment and meaning in life, which are also being compromised for many people under current political, economic and cultural orthodoxies - including consumerism and the pursuit of ever greater wealth.

Our new series will look at how we can shift our lives in simple but important ways across a number of specific areas - starting with food - so that we can start living in a well-informed way, where we have more meaningful and enjoyable lives, within the parameters of the one planet we have. It should be an interesting, challenging and fun series, as we will be challenging and destroying some of the most popular assumptions and conventions of modern life! 

More news soon!

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