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How can I help?

Like us, you may have been inspired this week by the wonderful example of triathlete Alistair Brownlee, who sacrificed his second place finish in the final race of the World Triathlon Series, to help his brother Jonny over the finishing line, who had been suffering from the effects of heat and exhaustion.

This example comes at a highly appropriate time for us at Life Squared, as we're currently developing our next publication, which explores what would happen if we lived our lives trying to be of service to each other.

We live in a world which seems increasingly centrered on individualism and self-satisfaction, and many of us have busy lives where we often feel we don't have time to help people who need us - from someone begging on the street to visiting our elderly neighbour who could use some company. So what would happen if we lived each day asking the question 'How can I help?' - and actually stopping to be of service to other people when we can?  Would it make the world better?  Would it make us happier too?  

We're enjoying putting this publication together and hope you'll enjoy it when it's ready! 

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