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Why we need to promote civility

Here are a couple of extracts from the new Life Squared booklet 'How to be civilised', which comes out next week. When we began writing it, we had no idea how relevant some of the lessons would be to the turbulent times we’re living in.  Here are a couple of extracts that feel appropriate today.

"it takes...effort to coexist with people in a harmonious, civilised way - for example, to think about the effect of our actions on others, to empathise, to share and to protect other people and put their interests above our own occasionally. We need to get across to people (and society at large) that this additional effort is worthwhile."

"a good, civilised society needs to have (and continually foster) a sense of collectivism - a sense that we are ‘in it together’, and are each part of a bigger whole rather than as isolated individuals pursuing our own desires, as [this] is the route to a more peaceful and civilised society."