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About us

We are a not-for-profit organisation helping people to live happier, wiser and more meaningful lives within the pressure and complexity of the modern world.

We provide people with accessible and no-nonsense ideas, information and tools to help them see their world more clearly and live well.  We do this by offering publications, courses, ideas and other resources.  Click on this link to see a video introduction to our work.

We aim to offer most of our resources for free - you just need to register as a user to get access to them, which only takes a few seconds.  We're dependent on donations to keep our work going, so in return for a monthly donation, we will give you access to further exclusive content and printed leaflets through the post.

We have no religious agenda - our work is relevant and useful to everyone. Click here to read a more detailed outline of the need for our work and what we do.

Do contact us if you'd like to find out more at