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We're hiring! - Social media and PR co-ordinator

Come and work for Life Squared!

We are looking for someone with great social media skills, plus strong publicity, PR and communications experience and bags of energy to enable us to reach and help more people.

Tens of thousands of people already read our online guides every year, but we know we can reach and help a much bigger audience – and you can help us achieve this. You’ll be helping us get the best out of our social media accounts, publish e-book versions of our publications and generate publicity for our work, among other things.

What's your favourite publication?

Life Squared has now been running for 10 years, and at this point we'd really like to understand a bit more about the lovely people that visit our website and read our publications, so we’d be very grateful if you could answer a few questions for us in the survey at the bottom of this section.

Wanted! Social Media and PR Manager (Voluntary role)

We are looking for someone with great social media skills, plus strong publicity, PR and communications experience and bags of energy to enable us to reach and help more people.

New to Life Squared? Read this!

Hello - and thanks for visiting Life Squared. 

If you're visting for the first time, it's great to see you and if you're a regular visitor, welcome back - we really appreciate your support!

The big questions of life

What is the meaning of life? How should we live? What happens when we die?

Our Director @RichardDocwra has written an e-book for Humanists UK on these, and other, big questions of life, and it's just been published.

You can downlad it (for free) here.

This booklet is a basic, no-nonsense guide to answering some of these big questions from a non-religious viewpoint – one that anyone, whether they are religious or not, will be able to get something from.

Out now - How to eat and exercise well

It can be can be extremely difficult in the modern world to make well-informed choices about food given the range of influences that are promoting unhealthy food, dubious diets and upholding a philosophy of life that is neither particularly healthy or good for the environment.

Our new guide therefore helps you cur through the confusion, and sets out some simple, broad principles to enable us to get into good eating and exercise habits so that we remove much of the angst and complexity from the choices we’re making.

How to eat and exercise well - coming soon!

We're just finishing the design for our new guide, entitled 'How to eat and exercise well', and we're very excited to get it finished and launched, as we think it's a pubilcation that's urgently needed.

It provides a no-nonsense approach to eating well and getting active. It cuts through all the confusion about food and health and makes it as simple as possible to achieve a healthy lifestyle - whilst looking after the planet and saving money.

The life shift

We're in the process of writing a new Life Squared publication - possibly the first in a short series.

It's clear to us that if we want people to change their lifestyles to live within the parameters of one planet, we need to have a fundamental shift in the way we think about basic things - from food to the things we spend our time and money on.

Coming soon - How to be the change

We live in difficult times. Many people have been dismayed by the rise of right wing parties and right wing ideas in western democracies recently, with greed, xenophobia, sexism, and environmental damage just some of the unpleasant freight they carry with them. This is on top of a political system that was already strongly leaning to the centre right in the first place.

Being a friend to yourself

One day last week, I was having a bad day.  I was feeling moody, not looking at my best (couldn’t be bothered to shave) and generally not wanting to engage with anything or anyone.  Essentially I was trying to get through to the end of the day without effort - on autopilot.


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